Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

UNDP - Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS) Begins Project on Isle De Rhonde

overhead view of materials being brough ashore on Island de Ronde

On Sunday 24th January, as part of the ICCAS Community Project entitled “Building Resilience in the Fishing Community of Isle De Rhonde” which seeks to enhance the livelihood of the community on Isle De Rhonde by providing clean water supplies and the opportunity for the fishing community on the island to engage in climate smart fishing and farming practices. 

Members of the UNDP-ICCAS team and various volunteers travelled to Isle de Rhonde to transport materials such as, sheets of galvanize and ply wood, previously constructed latrines, 12 water tanks, wooden rafters, building blocks and bags of cement, tools for construction and farming purposes including, spades, cutlasses, sledge hammers and other equipment that will be used to renovate the homes on the island in order to establish rain water harvesting systems in these households. All of the materials and equipment were loaded in St. George’s onto a Gondola, owned and operated by the Osprey lines. The cargo was then offloaded on to two (2) smaller fishing boats to get the items ashore.

The Isle De Rhonde project is one of the thirty (30) climate change adaptation community projects that the UNDP, ICCAS initiative awarded in November of 2015 at a cheque presentation ceremony at the Grenada trade center annex.

With successful implementation of this project the community of Isle De Rhonde can be a more resilient community with greater production in the areas of agriculture and fishing. This will result in increased income for community members. Improved infrastructure of water catchment systems will result in the improvement of the general health and hygienic conditions on the island and basic needs can more easily be met. 

The ICCAS project is part of the International Climate Change Initiative funded by the German government to assist Grenada to adapt to climate change and is executed through the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and the Environment

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