Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

La-Poterie Completes Bridge Reconstruction Project

La Poterie Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The La Poterie community in St Andrew’s are the benefactors of a newly reconstructed bridge project. This project is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment in collaboration with and funded by the UNDP – Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS) project. The project was developed by the La-Poterie Community Development Organization who was given a grant of $118,792.49 by the Community Climate change Adaptation Fund (CCCAF) for the completion of the bridge.

The bridge in La-Poterie was highlighted for this project due to the disadvantages the community faces without use of the bridge as an alternative route for entry and exit. The inability to use the bridge during times of emergency and as a source of efficiently transporting goods greatly affected the livelihoods of the community members and this initiative will now ensure safety and mobility.

La Poterie Community Development Organization organized community meetings to sensitize the community about the effects of climate change and raise awareness to the impacts the changing weather patterns can have on the community. Presenting a correlation between the destruction of the bridge and climate change helped is one of the ways the community has benefitted from this project through information sharing and teaching disaster risk management, mitigation and adaptation measures.

The surrounding area of the bridge also benefitted from a tree planting activity and the cleaning and widening of the waterway aids in reducing the risk of flooding as well as protecting homes along the waterway. The community members are thrilled at the completion of the bridge project and the benefits they can now reap due to the ability to use the bridge as was intended.

The ICCAS project is part of the International Climate Change Initiative funded by the German government to assist Grenada to adapt to climate change and is executed through the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and the Environment.

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