Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

Reducing the input of plastic litter into the ocean around Grenada

Applicability and effects of selected instruments
marine, ocean, littering, plastic, climate change, environement, Grenada, ICCAS, SIDS
Every year, many millions of tonnes of litter end up in the world’s oceans, turning the sea into the world’s biggest refuse dump and generating a host of environmental,economic, health and aestheticproblems. Land-based sources account for up to 80% of marine litter and include tourism, sewage outflows, poor waste management and illegal landfills as well as a lack of public awareness. This project was launched by GIZ as part of its Concepts of Sustainable Waste Management sector project in order to contribute to reducing marine litter through the introduction of selected regulatory or economic instruments that promote the reduced use or reduced littering of relevant materials.